Well, Isn’t That Rico: Beverly Hills Chihuaha Wins Award for Positive Hispanic Media Portrayal


Ever hear of the Imagen Awards? They were established in 1985 by the cracker-ass cracker Norman Lear and the presumably Hispandicos Helen Hernandez to reward positive portrayals of Latinos in the media. This year’s ceremony was just held on Friday at the Beverly Hilton. Taking home the top honors in film: Beverly Hills Chihauha. I’m stunned. I saw that film and it merely reinforced my secret, shameful prejudice that all Hispanics talk like the Taco Bell dog when there are no white people around.

The evening’s biggest surprise came when Tom Cruise made an unannounced appearance to present his agent, Emanuel Nunez, with a¬†lifetime acheivement award, and a well-deserved one at that:¬†any non-Jew agent who makes it to the top of his profession deserves special recognition. Emanuel got a lucite statuette presented to him while Wilmer Valderrama watched. That’s close enough.

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