More Proof Europe is Cooler: Big Brother UK Canceled


Let’s import this idea, too! Big Brother, the reality show about horrible people performing for security cameras, is being canceled in its UK incarnation.

Big Brother’s stateside popularity has never reached the dizzying heights the show enjoyed in its English heyday – the first series of the show was a nation-wide cultural phenomenon, drawing a peak audience of 7.4 million viewers for its finale. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but you have to multiply by 5 to adjust for their population of 60 million to get the American equivalent. Thank God I can type “5 times 7.4” into Google and get 37, because then we’d all still be wondering.

In recent years, the show’s popularity has slipped, as the novelty of watching desparate, talentless, hateful wastes of air waned. (Boy, I’m tetchy today – it’s 95 degrees outside.) This season, the tenth, is the least watched in the show’s history.


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