Said it and Meant it: Aubrey O’Day Defends Calling Hitler “Brilliant”


What’s wrong with acknowledging that Hitler was intelligent? It’s not the same as saying he was a great man. There are plenty of intelligent, horrible people: the Unabomber, A.Q. Khan, Antonin Scalia, etc. Acknowledging their mental prowess is not an endorsement of their actions. So there’s no reason to get bent out of shape when someone acknowledges that Hitler, who got pretty far in his efforts to take over the world, may have been bright. Mein Kampf is dope, too.

Aubrey O’Day recently appeared on The Sean Hannity Show and casually called both Hitler and Castro “brilliant.” This wasn’t what people expected from the ex-Danity Kane singer, but I still can’t wrap my head around her appearance on The Sean Hannity Show to begin with. Predictable blogosphere controversy ensued, leading O’Day to issue the following statement:

Murderers and dictators generally are some of the smartest people out there – they just use their brain power for evil purposes. I don’t condone any of their evil behavior, but I was asked about their intellectual firepower…and in my opinion you can’t have a low IQ and wreck (sic) that much havoc on the world. What Hitler succeeded in doing, was deplorable…And I hope we never see such an abusive use of power again.

SHE’S RIGHT. Everyone shut up now.

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