Fatty Food Eating, Smoking Russell Crowe Still in Better Shape Than All Gossip Columnists


Russell Crowe must Google himself regularly – he challenged the author of a column titled “Smoke and fatty foods the fitness regime for Rusty” to a bike race. (He won.)

The author of the piece, Annette Sharp, had poked fun at Russell Crowe after he was photographed taking a break from a bike ride to smoke, eat tacos and drink soda. Hey, if the man can do all that and complete a lengthy bike ride, he deserves to be commended. Save the scorn for when you catch the guy using steroids. See, this is why I think Martina Hingis should have never been banned from tennis – cocaine isn’t a performance-enhancing drug, unless you’re a Saturday Night Live cast member in the 70’s. If you can come down from coke and play tennis, you are a true athlete. So is Russell.

That’s exactly how he felt when he challenged Annette to a 12-mile ride through Sydney. He zoomed along while she struggled to keep up, and at one point she fell of her bike entirely. But Russell, ever the gentleman, didn’t point and laugh or turn around to ride over her – he pulled up her pants. (To check her knee.)

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