When Will Queen Latifah Announce Her Lesbianism?


We have shady feelings toward Queen Latifah. Let’s face it: The closeted lesbian is a total fraud. Queen Quiffer doesn’t just shy from her dykedom – she flat-out goes out of her way to make comments about how much she loves men!

Things may change, however with this recent important piece of journalism. The National Enquirer is reporting that the man-lovin’, size “active” Queen was caught at a wild “all women” strip party getting down and dirty with the ladies. It seems La Quiffer was drinking and rubbin’ on ladies and, you know, doing all the things that heterosexual women love to do.

Latifah’s girlfriend, celebs trainer Jeanette Jenkins was absent from the party.

Message to Latifah: Come out, already! The whole world knows you’re a dyke, and we’re uncomfortable with your uncomfortableness. Book a spot on a season of Work Out, and train with Jackie Warner. That gal could make Anne Coulter comfortable with being gay.

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