Win a Date With Nick Lachey!

Nick Lachey is auctioning himself off to the highest bidder. The winner of a charity auction to benefit VH1’s Save the Music program will win two tickets to LA, a dinner with the 98 degrees hottie, luxury hotel room accommodations, and a $500 shopping spree.

So in other words, you’ll get to hit up Red Lobster, stay at the Days Inn by the airport, then be shocked how little $500 will get you shopping in LA.

Oh, but the dinner conversation will be riveting. The man was married to Jessica Simpson for years, I think any conversation that doesn’t start and end with “Babe, what do you think of my shoes?” will probably make his head explode. “You mean, you ladies can hold an intelligent conversation…?”*BOOOM.*

Don’t feel like giving any of your hard earned cash to needy schoolchildren? Ogle Nick Lachey from a distance with our Starzlife pics!

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