T.I. Wins Two BET Awards From Prison

timugshot1T.I. (AKA Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr.) didn’t even need to move from his prison cell bed, to score two awards last night, at the BET awards

His oompaloompa fiancée Tameka “Tiny” Cottle accepted his awards at the ceremony.

For anyone who was slugging gin & juice in the 90’s, yes Tameka is that usually sour faced, & height impaired member of 90’s group Xscape. (‘Hummin’ Comin’ at ‘Cha, Off the Hook, and Traces of My Lipstick).  The couple have two kids together.

Tameka accepted for the rapper, as T.I. went inside in May, when caught possessing a huge collection of weaponry, in his Atlanta, GA home.

T.I.’s  oompaloompa fiancée quoted T.I. as writing:

“Although I’m not there with you all, I’m there in spirit.  My road to redemption is almost over, thanks for the support.”

T.I. won his awards for his collaboration with much prettier, (and non-Lollipop Guild Member) performer Rhianna, on the song ‘Live your Life’ and album of the year for the album ‘Paper Trail’

T.I. will be in jail until May 2010.

We still think the whole weapon thing was a mistake.  Chances are he was just trying to protect this state after reading headlines of ‘Russia Invades Georgia’  last year.

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