Do Not Forward This To Everyone You Know. Shauna Sand Has A Sex Tape!

Yesterday, TMZ reported that Vivid is releasing a Shauna Sand Sex Tape.

And what’s even more shocking (NOT!) is that Shauna is feeling like she’s a helpless victim.

You see, Shauna admits that she’s fond of making sex tapes, but that she absolutely DID NOT hand it to Vivid authorize them to sell her tape!

The reserved mother of three confesses:

“Yes, I did make a sex tape with my boyfriend earlier this year.  In fact I’ve made several sex tapes, but I certainly didn’t sign off on this and Vivid has no right to put it out.  I am trying to get a hold of my attorney now.”

And that’s the sound of Shauna calling her very exclusive and experienced representation at 1800 the law2!

Vivid (the folks who caught Shana do the 70 minus 1) had this response:

Shauna took off her knickers, and begged us to copy & sell her tape. We were approached by a third party, who brought us footage of Shauna having sex with her current boyfriend and we were immediately interested in acquiring it… We’re comfortable with our legal position in releasing this footage.”

Shana called this soft-porn job in? What? I’ve lived in Hollywood for many years but this one takes the cake. Next you’ll be telling me that Shauna’s boobs aren’t real!

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One Response to Do Not Forward This To Everyone You Know. Shauna Sand Has A Sex Tape!

  1. October 17, 2009 at 7:47 pm #

    Another publicity stunt I bet, but I finally found a site that has the full tape for free. It’s pretty awesome I must say.

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