It’s a Bad Time to Be Soulja Boy


Last week, Soulja Boy was arrested. This week he’s getting evicted. Soulja can’t catch a break!

Soulja Boy and about 40 people were filming a music video in an abandoned house in Georgia and when the cops came to investigate, half of the people up and ran. Pro-fess-ional! Soulja Boy eventually went back to the scene to explain that they were filming a video (and maybe had to explain how to dance the Crank Dat Superman dance). Cops weren’t too pleased with the whole fleeing thing and arrested him for obstruction of justice.

Then this week, his LA landlord wants him out of the luxury apartment complex he lives in for having too many people over and not paying his rent.

C’mon Soulja Boy! Get your life together: don’t run from cops, pay your rent… these are basics!

Source: AP and TMZ

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