Tila Tequila Suing Former Flame Over Alleged Assault.


Tila Tequila has no quit in her that’s for sure!  After having former boyfriend Shawne Merriman arrested last September under suspicion of assault and battery and having it thrown out by the judge, she’s now taking it to civil court.

The reality star claimed that she was assaulted by Merriman at his San Diego home that September night, leaving her battered and bruised and having him hauled off in a police car.  When Merriman got the chance to explain, his story suggested that she was inebriated off of alcohol and drugs and he was just preventing her from getting in her car and driving home.

The judge threw the case out due to lack of evidence or substance to the story, which sent Tequila into a rage on Twitter.

She is now out to get Merriman into civil court and seeking unspecified damages.

For the most part, she’s likely wasting time and money.

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