Gordon Ramsay’s Stateside Biz Eats It


Oi! You, fu*king tosser! Why the FU*K DIDN’T YOU GO SPEND A HUNDRED DOLLARS ON LUNCH AT GORDON RAMSAY’S RESTAURANT?! Now it’s OUT OF FU*KING BUSINESS!! *spittle flies onto your lip*

Hell’s chef, Gordon Ramsay, has shuttered his last remaining US restaurant as he attempts to keep his grub empire solvent. Gordon Ramsay at the London, his NY eatery (confusing, I know), has just gone under; his LA establishment did so earlier this year.

For our L.A. readers, here are some less pricey alternatives to a meal at a Gordon Ramsay-branded establishment:

RoRo’s Chicken: Two rotisserie chicken sandwiches cost $4.94 after tax. Best deal in LA; the food is amazing as well

El Pollo Loco: Their chicken sucks, but their tacos al carbon and tortilla rolls don’t. The BRC burrito is good, too; just ask them to put it on the grill. By the way, the value menus are not the same price at every location. Go to the one on Fountain and Vine, where everything’s a dollar

Bristol Farms: $3.99 poor boy sandwich at deli counter

Big Wangs: $0.25 wing night on Wednesdays

Cactus Mexican: $3.99 burrito

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