Here’s the Runaways Trailer


Rawk! The teaser trailer for the Runaways biopic is online and you can totally tell this movie is going to be a ball-crushing proto-riot-grrl female empowerment call to arms because there’s a part in the trailer where some chauvinist pig tells the girls they’ll never make it and to “Go sell girl scout cookies.” Yeah, right! More like go make rock history, grandpa. Granted, the only things I know about this group are “Cherry Bomb” and that their manager was a creepo molestoid (info gleaned from Mayor of the Sunset Strip) but there’s no way I’m siding with that jerk! What a jerk. Here, see for yourself:

In all seriousness, does this band have more than one good song? They only have one album, and I’d sit here and listen to it right now, but I have to check Google news every ten seconds in case another reality TV star kills an ex-girlfriend or himself (fingers crossed!), so if you have an informed opinion about the group’s actual musical merit and not whether or not they were cool, go ahead and leave it in the comments. I’m all ears.

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  1. December 22, 2009 at 4:46 am #

    I’m looking forward to this but mainly because of Floria Sigismondi’s involvement, check out some of her music videos. More details and nice article about the movie here

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