Taylor Lautner To Go “Hi Ya! Shoryuken!” *roundhouse kick* In New Karate Movie


Did you catch Taylor Lautner‘s SNL monologue? Here, watch it so this post makes sense (skip to the 2:10 mark after you watch the commercial for Dyson vacuums or whatever):

So now you understand why Taylor Lautner has just inked a deal to star in Cancun, an action flick about a kid with mad karate skills whose girlfriend is kidnapped by a drug cartel when the couple vacations in Cancun. Here’s a comment from The Hollywood Reporter‘s comment section:

I guess this “college kid” is going to use his martial art skills to fight off the drug guys who only have machine guns, uzi’s and hollow point bullets to defend themselves. Good luck to the bad guys defending themselves aganist [sic] a college kid who knows karate.

Yep. I bet that is, in fact, exactly what’s going to happen.

Here’s a video of a young Taylor performing some acrobatic dance moves that look like karate:

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