Charlie Sheen: So Scandalous He’s Scandal Proof?


Charlie Sheen reportedly held a knife to Brooke Mueller‘s throat as he threatened death. Will this imperil his status as the highest paid actor on television? No. Because, according to this CNN article, we’ve all become so inured to domestic abuse allegations involving Charlie that everyone simply rolls their eyes and laughs. Well, maybe not everyone. Brooke Mueller, for example.

“The Sheen scandal is a pretty stark contrast to Tiger Woods. This behavior is built into the fabric of Charlie Sheen’s bad-boy profile, unlike with Tiger where it was unexpected,” so says Bob Oltmanns, a public relations professor at Carnegie Mellon. The message is clear: if you want to be both famous and violent toward women, start early. Get into acting class while you’re still a kid, and start kicking porn stars a few years later. You need to make it loud and clear what kind of life you’re going to lead. That’s why Amy Winehouse could offer heroin to toddlers and see her record sales rise the next day. Could you imagine Taylor Swift trying that? How awesome that would be?

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