Hunky Villain Alert! Brad Pitt Tapped for Sherlock Sequel


Brad Pitt is set to star is Professor Moriarty in the next Sherlock Holmes film, so says Popeater.

Guy Richie, I know you read this, so can I take this moment to ask that you please play up the fact that Sherlock Holmes is a recreational cocaine user in the next film? You can do it all Pulp Fiction-style, and have Robert Downey Jr cook up a shot (which I bet is like riding a bicycle), then cruise around in the back of his horse-drawn carriage, except instead of grooving along to the mellow tunes in his head, he can twitch and shake and say a ton of pointless nonsense as Watson rolls his eyes. Later, he can sniff the dust off the spot on his floor where he spilled some coke three months ago. Seriously, Guy, I offer these ideas to you for free.

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