They’re Finally Rebooting Spider-Man! That Took Like Forever


Nikki and Mike over at Deadline Hollywood have big Spider-Man news today: there’ll be no Spider-Man 4. They’re “rebooting” the franchise instead, so if you happen to have forgotten what happened in the first Spider-Man when you saw it aaall the waaay back in 2002, get ready for another movie about a high-school kid who gets bitten by a radioactive spider, except Tobey Maguire‘s not in it. (Spoiler alert.)

The dorks are getting pretty vocal in the post’s comment section about which direction the reboot should take. Commenter TL says, “marvel has several storylines (one origin story) and spidey at different times in his life. ULTIMATE spiderman would be a great way to go.” If you’re as clueless as I was before I visited the Wikipedia page for Ultimate Spider-Man, it’s about “Peter Parker, a science whiz teenager who lives in Queens, New York. He is bitten by a genetically altered spider and inherits its powers, including enhanced strength, agility and reflexes.” So it’s like the difference between snowboarding and extreme snowboarding: none at all. Oh, wait, that’s not true; Ultimate Spider-Man is immune to vampirism. Like Spider-Man would ever get bitten by a vampire. That’s ridiculous.

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