Bruce Willis Isn’t Doing Coke in the Bathroom; He’s Going to the Bathroom


The next time you’re kicking it with Bruce Willis and he gets up to go to the bathroom, don’t invite yourself along because you think he’s getting high. He’s actually¬†going to relieve himself. Besides, you’re supposed to wait to be asked. Play it cool. Via Starpulse:

“I drink far more water than I drink alcohol anymore. Whenever I’m in the company of someone who used to do this drug that makes you run off to the bathroom to do it, I’m reminded of how often I get up to pee now. I go, ‘Oh, my God, I wonder if somebody thinks I’m doing blow in there.”

Damn, dude, I have the same problem! I have to blow my nose every ten seconds (I think I’m allergic to air) and people think the same thing about me. As if I’d do coke in the bathroom. That’s why I bought a glass coffee table. Duh.

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