Boy, When YouTube Hates You, They Don’t Hold Back


Epic Beard Man is the gift that keeps giving. In addition to the original video and the remixes, we have “da amber lamps” to add to internet vernacular, and now we can all pile on the dumb, thieving, racist bitch who recorded the whole thing in the first place. She’s posted a video to YouTube just to clear up a few things, and it’s the most instantly hateable internet address since Doctor Conrad Murray.

Here’s a sampling of a few of the 9,492 comments as of this writing:

you might be one of the dumbest bitches on the planet – i hope you rott in hell you ghetto ass thug. “CALL DA AMBERLAMPS” -hahaahha, its people like you that give your people a bad name, FUCK YOU!!!!!!

Who keeps erasing my posts?? What’s the matter can’t face up the truth that you are a low life piece of welfare trash to society?? Everybody that works hard is tired of paying your way. You stole that bag and you are a racist prick.

You are a liar and a theif and a racist bitch, and exactly what is wrong with your culture (the “thug” culture) You are probably only making this sorry excuse of video to cover your ass….Sorry, too late…your video of the fight proves the case that you were egging on your “BOY” to start something with the 67 year old…WHICH BTW, I think he is a hero….Now, go back and pick up your “boys” teeth and stfu….

after the video was shot and ended…. we all escorted the bus” hahahahha WTF why did you escort the bus anywhere? why would a bus need you as an escort? you need to escort your ass to a classroom

you’re retarded you’re just making excuses for something that you did fucking failure..ugly fat bitch

You were in Good Burger, weren’t you?

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