Where J-Kwon At?!


The guy who did “Tipsy” is missing! No, not the guy who composed the music for the electronica/lounge hybrid act. That’s Tipsy. “Tipsy” is a song. That’s why I used quotes. I didn’t mean it ironically.

St. Louis rapper J-Kwon has been missing for more than a month, according to record label Gracie Productions. The label released a statement earlier this week about the matter, even encouraging people to send in any info on a recently set up Twitter page @WhereIsJkown. The label was planning to release J-Kwon’s self-titled album on March 23. The 24 year-old rapper is known for his 2004 hit single ‘Tipsy’ off his debut album ‘Hood Hop.’

He should also be known for his awesome collaboration with Andy Milonakis. Here, listen to this. Then you’ll be sad he’s gone:

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