Smurfy News: Neil Patrick Harris to Play Lead Human in Smurf Movie


In the context of the above headline, “smurf” can mean “gay,” “inane,” “shrug-worthy” and “taken from Deadline Hollywood“:

Neil Patrick Harris has a TV-heavy resume. Now he’s just landed the lead in Smurfs: The Movie for Sony. Harris won’t have to walk around as a blue-tinted Avatar, either. The Raja Gosnell-directed film is a mix of live action and animation, and Harris is the lead live action character. Filming begins in April, when he’ll be on hiatus from CBS’ How I Met Your Mother.

From the comments section:

“Lead Smurf”… isn’t Papa Smurf the lead Smurf?

Looks like we’ve got a Smurf geek on our hands. I hope the studio takes their obligation to these people seriously and doesn’t do something like giving Spider-Man the ability to shoot webs organically. Actually, giving Smurfs the ability to shoot webs might be cool. No, I take it back.

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