Beth Shak Prepping for Vegas Tournament


As poker queen Beth Shak prepares for the WPT tournament in Las Vegas next week, it’ll all be documented!  Unfortunately for now, it’s only for Germany.

A camera crew from the largest German television station will be following Beth as she works, and plays in  Las Vegas for an upcoming documentary.

Shak will be participating in the WPT Championship Poker Tournament at the Bellagio that runs from April 18th- 24th and is a $25,000 no limit hold em tournament.

A source close to the tournament even tells us that Shak’s poker nemesis Annie Duke will even be playing in this one, so thankfully it will all be documented when the action is going down!

Shak is planning to arrive to Vegas early next week where she will get some rest and relaxation, as well as a chance to enjoy Las Vegas before it becomes all work and no some play.

For more info on the WPT tourney you can click here.  To check out some STARZLIFE EXCLUSIVE!!! photos of Beth, click here.

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