Jesse James’ Nazi Behavior Confirmed

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Finally some evidence to back the claims on Jesse James’ Nazi behavior.

Personal photos of James decked out in the Nazi hat and posing with the Hitler salute have surfaced, and can be seen on the pages of the newest UsWeekly.

The speculation started with some comparison’s to his shops imagery, and a photo shoot by mistress number one, Michelle McGee, where she was wearing the exact same hat.

If Jesse James is this sort of a person,  It should make the decision even more simple for Sandra Bullock, who has been labeled America’s sweetheart.

A few of James’ closest friends have come to his defense, claiming that he just took the photo for shock value, and does not have any backing of Nazi beliefs.

While taking photos for shock value is not something new in this country, It’s not an excuse that works every time.

Good thing James is not trying to be an actor, his career would definitely be over in this town.

You can check out the rest of the photos and the article in the most recent issue of Us Magazine.

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