Bronx Wentz Involved in Nanny’s Accident. Pete On the Scene.

Scary phone call for Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson this morning when they got a call from their nanny explaining that she’d been in an accident in Los Angeles with baby Bronx in the car.

The roads in LA are slick with rain this morning, and it would appear another car coming around a bend slid right into the front drivers side of the car driven by Pete and Ashley’s nanny.

Dressed in sweat pants and rain boots, Wentz rushed to the scene to pick up his son with a pretty upset look on his face.

Thankfully, Bronx was a-okay!

UPDATE: Pete has Tweeted ;

“thanks you guys for your concern. no one was hurt in the car accident and bx is currently back to building forts and hiding dads cellphone.”

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