Brody Saved Avril From Drowning

Not only do they have a strange but blossoming new romance, but now Avril Lavigne is forever in debt to Brody Jenner after he saved her life from drowning in the ocean!

During a recent private surf lesson in Malibu, Avril was tossed from her board and into the raging waters below.  Brody swam to her rescue and pulled her into shore in David Hasselhoff like fashion.

A source on the scene is claiming: “A big wave flipped her into the water upside down. Brody swam over and dragged Avril to shore, but she’d had the wind knocked out of her – she’d swallowed a bunch of water and was coughing. When Avril realized what happened, she was so thankful Brody was there to save her.”

Still a strange couple, but one of those stories you’d want to tell your grand kids after 50 years of marriage one day, ya know?  Too bad it’s Hollywood! we’re talking about here.

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One Response to Brody Saved Avril From Drowning

  1. August 23, 2011 at 10:41 am #

    such a cute couple, except avril is so short compared to brody.. hahah

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