Demi Lovato caught on camera doing coke? Why are we not suprised.

Apparently there is a video of Demi Lovato doing blow and a friend tells

“Demi was belligerent, being slutty and doing coke all over the house. The guy who hosted the party shot multiple videos of this and what I’ve seen with my eyes, Demi is screaming, ‘F**k all of you, I’m famous, I don’t care what any of you think of me the whole world loves me.’ He shot her in the bathroom as she was finishing a line (of cocaine).”

Even more bad news for Demi, her show “Sonny with a Chance” maybe canned.  Disney tells TMZ, “The health and well-being of Demi comes first and if we have to make other plans, we will.”

Also the Jonas Brothers have begun to cancel the tour which Starzlife called.

And what about this girl Alex Welch who reportedly was on the receiving end of a punch by Lovato, this story seems to have faded away.

You have to ask yourself what happens when Disney gets a hold of these girls, is being rich and famous not enough for them, there is a millions of young girls who would trade places, probably  not fall to pieces and end up in rehab.

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