Why Don’t Dennis Rodman and Courtney Love Just Get Married Already!?!?

It’s widely known that Dennis Rodman’s need for attention and lack of couth is only paralleled by Courtney Love. It seems almost as if these two are either fated to be together or competing to be the trashiest trash bag on the planet.  Love has been on a tear posting nude pictures of her growdy self on Twitter lately and Rodman has been a little off the radar.  BUT, fear not he’s back in the game! During a “>phone interview with a sports talk radio program in Soputh Florida on 790 The Ticket, Rodman spoke with the host why receiving oral from a woman who identified herself as Theresa, when her mouth wasn’t full.  Rodman was having a hard time focusing on the interview and when the host called him on it chaos ensued and Rodman confessed “She’s just sucking something.” Sounds like compelling radio right? Wrong. It was just a confusing unentertaining mess with all the appeal and patheticness of a Courtney Love nudey pic.  Balls in your court Love.

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