Christina Aguilera’s Mugshot Leaked

Most mugshots are released to the press shortly after celebs are arrested, but despite the Sheriff’s claims that Christina Aguilera’s would not be released, it eventually leaked.

E! News was the first to release the photo of Aguilera, who had to spend a night in the drunk tank after her boyfriend Matthew Rutler was pulled over and arrested on DUI charges.

Though they will not prosecute Aguilera for simply being intoxicated as a passenger, she was held overnight until she could leae on her own and take care of herself.

In the photo she looks pretty haggard, and some are reporting that she drank one or two bottles of wine at dinner by herself!

We hope this is not only the wake up call for Aguilera to get it together, but realize it’s the company you keep that gets you into these situations!

Maybe it’s time to be single for a little bit!

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