Frank McCourt Ready To Fight Back For Dodgers

Former/Current LA Dodgers owner, Frank McCourt, is ready to wage a legal battle with the MLB over them taking away the day to day operations of his team.

It was announced by MLB Commissioner Bud Selig yesterday that the MLB would be taking over the Dodgers, after McCourt took a $30 million dollar personal loan from FOX, who handles the Dodgers broadcasting rights, and now McCourt is ready to take it to court.

According to TMZ, McCourt is claiming that the MLB and Selig are acting “arbitrary and capricious.”

The argument is that the MLB has tolerated bigger problems with other teams in the past, including the New York Mets who are a reported $450 million in debt.

Though the source claims legal action is not imminent, papers could be filed as early as Friday morning.

McCourt and his wife, Jackie, have been embattled in a nasty divorce for the past year, which has lead the Dodgers organization on a downward spiral as they battle it out in court over who gets ownership of the team.

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