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CRUSTY, FLESH-EATING BACTERIA invading Amy Winehouse’s face!!

IMPETIGO ALERT:  Winehouse is “highly contagious”.While rumors recently buzzed about Amy Winehouse’s swollen mouth; speculation being she had finally decided to fix her crack teeth, as a final step in her rehabilitation, it turns out she’s actually suffering from a “highly contagious”, blistering bacterial infection called Impetigo!  Winehouse was recently diagnosed, and advised to stay […]

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SHOCKING!! Nicky Hilton: Her bony little chicken legs tell the tale…

Of ANOREXIA!!Just in case y’all weren’t sure about this Hilton sister’s current anorexic physique, last time we put up her skinny pictures, we now have some additional images to satisfy all our sick curiosity.  Nicky went shopping yesterday in Beverly Hills, and we were just shocked at how skinny and pale she looked.  Some of our photographers even felt […]

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Jennifer Aniston: Wants to be a MOMMY!!

Affected by one too many kiddie parties and Brangelina kids, Jennifer Aniston has decided not to keep all of her eggs in one basket _ literally!!

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Bruce Willis: soon to buy himself a wig and checkered Vans!!

Its adorable, but I still think there’s something wrong with this dude… I was always somewhat intrigued by Bruce Willis’ love for Ashton Kutcher, but I dismissed it as a smart way for an experienced dad to stay close to his kids… And, although I still think that has a lot to do with his […]

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Hey people, don’t forget me!

Now that Desperate Housewives is starting again, Mrs. Eva Longoria-Parker is not wanting to hide behind those ‘squito-fly glasses anymore!

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Hell’s Angels almost killed Mick Jagger!!

The FBI has released previously sealed details of a 1969 assassination plot!! According to a British Newspaper, the FBI has released shocking details of a Hell’s Angels plot to kill Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger; some time after the infamous Altamont Speedway Free Concert of 1969.  The attempt was botched by a simple thunderstorm which prevented […]

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The London girls are doing Grreat!

Dont’cha think?It’s Saturday night y’all!!  Party like there’s no tomorrow, but remember, there’s always a possibility you’ll run into a next-day internet hangover, so be careful!!  Just ask Kate Moss and Kelly Osbourne, who got wasted at a club, giving Jamie Hince and the paparazzi a total run for their money!!

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Doctor visits Britney Spears! Just like in the old days!

Developing story. . .Apparently, Ms. Britney Jean Spears received a “routine visit” from two of her UCLA Medical Center docs, late this afternoon.  It is reported that the medics (one of which is a renowned psychiatrist) spent over an hour at her house, and left quietly after. . .We’ll have more details as the story […]

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Baby and the BEAST!

I can see why a 15 year old might feel attracted. . .NOT!!According to AOL.com, this 41 year old Broadway actor admitted to sexual contact with a 15 year-old girl, and got just 60 days in jail!!  AOL.com: Broadway actor James Barbour, 41, who played the beast in the musical “Beauty and the Beast,” was […]

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The child LOVES his privates!!

Maddox is heartin’ his own pipi!! Well, at least according to his gum of choice! UsMagazine.com: The day before Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt finalized their adoption of 4-year-old son Pax, Angelina spent the afternoon with son Maddox, Us Weekly reports in its latest issue, on newsstands now. After treating him to a matinée of […]

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