Jennifer Aniston: Wants to be a MOMMY!!

jennifer_aniston_01.jpgAffected by one too many kiddie parties and Brangelina kids, Jennifer Aniston has decided not to keep all of her eggs in one basket _ literally!!122307_dwp_aniston07.JPGAfter Brangelina stole the headlines earlier this week (due to both pregnancy and adoption news) it seems Miss Jennifer Aniston got a little nervous about her own biological clock.  Star Magazine is reporting that the 39 year old actress has decided to put some of her eggs in ice, until Mr. Right comes along.A source close to the couple offered this statement to Star Magazine (as reported in

“It was a really smart move, because it buys (Jen) a few years to figure it all out,” an insider told the magazine.  “The pressure has lifted.”  The insider claims Jennifer could postpone having her first baby until she turns 45, and with ample resources and plenty of stamina, the actress isn’t worried about the wait.  “She has loads of energy.  And she’s so rich that she could just hire five nannies!”  “(Jen’s) absolutely doing the right thing.  She’s giving herself a big break from the intense pressure to find Mr. Right and have kids.  She’s in a good place now.”

I’m thinking this is a message to Brad: “I’m ready to be a momma now, so if you get tired of herding your soccer team(s), you can always come back, and we’ll make a nice, normal family together (one we can actually keep track of!)…”  Or, even better, this might actually be Jen’s attempt at making Angelina nervous, jealous, and self conscious, while simultaneously getting back at her for being “stood up” by the pregnant movie star, earlier this week…122307_dwp_aniston05.JPG

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  1. September 13, 2010 at 3:57 am #

    I love Jennifer Aniston. She’s perky and hilarious, and a complete goddess to boot, I wish she could find true love and live happy ever after.
    I”M INSANE wollar wollar wack wack goo goo goo I play games in my own head. My family apologizes for me but I’m walllaaaa ooooo shuyyuyyy
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