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Jon Gosselin’s Hos Playing Besties on Twitter

It’s hard to like either of these two women, Kate Major and Hailey Glassman, but some times you have to give credit where credit is due. Let’s push aside the fact that one (Major) is going to marry Michael Lohan, and both of them have had relations with Jon Gosselin, (which reveals their VERY suspect […]

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Charlie Sheen Responds to Moustache Mistress

Charlie Sheen is speaking out about the allegations of  being the latest mistress haver, by saying it was all a joke! inTouch Weekly, on news stands now, is claiming that Charlie has been cheating on wife, Brooke Mueller, with a $3,000 per hour call girl, during breaks from rehab. Photos surfaced of Sheen wearing the […]

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Ex Tiger Teacher Demands Apology

No, we’re not talking an old golf instructor who he forgot to thank after a Masters, or a College Professor who he had worked with at Stanford, we’re talking about Tiger Woods’ Kindergarten teacher! Tiger’s K teacher, Maureen Decker,  has teamed up with high powered bitch rep, Gloria Allred, and held a press conference merely […]

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Spencer & Heidi’s Native American Peace Offering

“Changing our names to Running Bear and White Wolf isn’t meant to be disrespectful … we respect [Native American] heritage and have a sincere acknowledgment of their beautiful culture.” Spencer Pratt tells Tmz in a statement regarding reports that Native American groups are upset that the famous for nothin’ couple’s latest publicity stunt involved adopting […]

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Michelle Bombshell “Didn’t Plan the Drama”; Also…Dumb

Does Michelle Bombshell McGee think we are all fools? The woman who sold her story of an affair with Jesse James for $30,000 to a tabloid magazine is now claiming that she didn’t plan for any of this drama to happen. In a statement posted by the webmaster of her official site; “To all the […]

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P. Diddy Peeves Vodka Coalition With “Pee Pee” Remarks

P. Diddy has sent Vodka tycoon M.J. Silver into a fit of rage after he made some hilarious comments about his rival vodka brands. Diddy owns a 50% steak in french label Ciroc vodka, and at a party in support of the brand this past week in New York City,  Diddy got the crowd roaring […]

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EXCLUSIVE!!! Judd Nelson Keeping Up His Oscar Appearance

Still looking as crazy as he did at the Academy Awards during the John Hughes tribute, Judd Nelson was out and about picking up some dry cleaning when we spotted him EXCLUSIVELY in Los Angeles. Hey, at least he wears clean clothes! His appearance at the Oscars, which mostly just consisted of that grizzly beard, […]

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India to Ban the Lohan?

The problem with having a Twitter page is that people read it! So if you’re gonna lie on Twitter about doing something, you better hope the people involved aren’t following. For that, Lindsay Lohan is facing a ban of entry to India. While on a trip to India last December filming a documentary about child […]

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Spolier Seacrest Tweets AI Results Before West Coast Airs

Everyone has those “doh!” moments.  Even real life superman Ryan Seacrest apparently! Seacrest accidently Tweeted the results of Wednesday’s Idol results show as soon as the live taping wrapped, totally forgetting that it would not be airing on the West coast for another three hours! He was plugging his radio show and announced; “Packed radio […]

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Micha’s Whole Foods Foleys

Quite the embarrassing little trip to Whole Foods yesterday for Mischa Barton. A source is reporting that while picking up a few groceries last evening in Los Angeles, Mischa Barton opted to eat some of her pasta dinner before checking out. That’s fine, (weird) people do that sort of stuff all the time.  The problem […]

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