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Tweedle dee and Tweedle dumb!

A very Christina Aguliera wannabe lookin’ Heidi Montag and her sex offender clear beard havin’ boyfriend Spencer Pratt were up to their usual antics today at a restaurant in Hollywood.

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Tori and Mean Dean do lunch.

Tori Spelling met her husband out for lunch yesterday in Beverly Hills. Check out the photos of these new parents after this.

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Fake Job!

The only reality of The Hills, is that the cast is made up of a bunch of non actors and actresses.  Turns out, LC’s internship, as speculated by many, is a fake.

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Kim K to the rescue of little high school girls everywhere!

Kim Kardashian really loves her official website.  Every now and then she does this column called “Kim to the Rescue.”  It’s sort of like Spencer Pratt‘s “Yo Spencer” only with less profanity and less douchebaggary.  Click here to find out how Kim is  changing the world one middle school girl’s problem at a time.

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And she’s a singer too!

Heidi Montag has released another single! Hold your breath when you come in to hear it.

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Kanye West may have lost it.  Sick of all the negativity surrounding the hot mess that was his Bonnaroo performance, Ye posted an ALL CAPS rant on his official blog, complete with name calling, expletives, and horrible grammar.

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Lindsay Lohan revealed the title of her third studio album, (yeah apparently she has 2 more)

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Here we go again…

Robertson Blvd. resident Phoebe Price was out promoting herself yesterday afternoon and dared to show a little leg to photographers.

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Speaking of being on a leash!

Ryan Seacrest moved from coast to coast to start his media empire here in Los Angeles, but his mother, Connie, keeps him on a leash all the way from Atlanta.

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Vanessa Hudgens tour schedule.

She’s a star of a multi-million dollar movie franchise, has released a successful album that peaked at number 24 on the billboard 200, and a nude photo scandal under her name, but Vanessa Hudgens is being forced to promote her sophomore album at county fairs across the country.

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