Fake Job!

The only reality of The Hills, is that the cast is made up of a bunch of non actors and actresses.  Turns out, LC’s internship, as speculated by many, is a fake.

She dramatically left Teen Vogue, (when the didn’t want to be apart of the show anymore) and started an internship at the PR firm, Peoples Revolution, where her old friend Whitney was “working.”  Well apparently Lauren is very rarely ever at Peoples Revolution, which could also explain while shes always out and about during the work day.

Conrad did however show up to the job recently with camera crew shooting scenes for the new season of her show, and apparently the real workers at PR PR were instructed to bring three outfits that day, you know, to make it look like Lauren had been there three days that week.

At least the girls on this should could just be more like Spencer, and just drive around the whole day, not even pretending to have a job.

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