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Madonna Celebration cover

Madonna’s Celebration Video: Hot Gays, Her Crotch, and Family

Madonna‘s new video for her single “Celebration” is out, and the 51 year-old has proverbially “brought it”. She looks amazing, and as much as I hated the song when I first heard it, I’ll admit, it’s growing on me (this is known as the “Womanizer” phenomenon). Keep your eyes peeled for Madge’s bf Jesus Luz […]

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Britney for President! Britney on Letterman Video

Britney Spears presented David Letterman’s Top 10 List last night on his show. The topic, “Top 10 Ways The Country Would be Different if Britney Spears Were President.” Brit Brit presented in a bikini on a stool, causing her to shift in her chair, which Dave mocked. Check out for yourself!

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Pre-Teen Kid Loves Vanessa Hudgens’ “Tittays”

Every middle school class had that one kid who was way too sexual for his own good at way too young. He was the one that made thumbs up signs when the cute sub bent over, got sent to the principal’s office for saying “sticker? I barely knew her”, and spent all day drawing penises […]

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Scarlett Johansson and Pete Yorn Duet Music Video

Pete Yorn, indie singer-songwriter, joined up with actress Scarlett Johansson, who likes to fancy herself a singer, in a collaboration entitled Relator. The project started before Johansson recorded her album of Tom Waits covers, Anywhere I Lay My Head and you can picture the song being played in the background as you shop for oversized […]

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OMG, Gossip Girl Season 3 Sneak Peek!

Remember last season of Gossip Girl when CW marketers used text lingo to advertise the second season of GG? “OMFG” was seen above hot posters of the rich kids making out. Continuing with the third season, Gossip Girl has moved onto “WTF?”. Check out the video for yourself, IDK, but it seems more like OMG […]

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Modest Mouse Video Directed By Heath Ledger

Modest Mouse unveiled the highly anticipated video for their song “King Rat” yesterday on Myspace. The video was conceived and directed by Heath Ledger, but was not finished when he died. The band decided to continue on with Ledger’s vision and complete the video as a tribute to their friend. The video shows a ship […]

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Your Daily Dose of LSD – Beatles Rock Band Commercial

I think somebody either spiked my morning coffee with shrooms or this is the most mind-bending, awesome commercial ever made. The Beatles catalogue is coming to Rock Band and apparently it’s more hyped up than Harry Potter and New Moon combined. People love their Beatles songs and their video game distractions from the real world, […]

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Video From Michael Jackson’s Last Rehearsal!

Embedded video from <a href=”” mce_href=””>CNN Video</a> Here’s the proof that Michael Jackson still had the moves just two nights before his untimely death on June 25. Would have been a good show!

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Blast From The Past.

Television show reunions, or revivals are all the rage these days.  So what would happen if the gang from Saved By the Bell got back together? Well I’m not so sure were going to find that out.  Most of the girls have fell off the face of the earth, Screech has fell even further than […]

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Gimme More Selena Gomez Less Miley Cyrus!!!

Now quit your crying, Charley. You know that horse toothed stick hasn’t got anything on Selena Gomez! I was reading. . .I do that sometimes. . .an interview with Miley Cyrus in Seventeen Magazine last week where they asked her about something, blah, blah, role model, blah, blah, and she said that she had big […]

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