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The Internet’s Strangest Video!

Someone just brought this video to our attention.   It might possibly the best/most confusing six minutes of your life, EVER. A list of celebs that includes  David Faustino, Huey Lewis, Jason Alexander (George i Seinfeld), Ricki Lake ,Philip Michael Thomas (Miami Vice), Glenn Close, Pamela Anderson Leslie Nielsen , Dolph Lundgren ,Lou Ferrigno among others […]

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Consequences Will NEVER Be the Same

It may seem like a WWE audition tape, but it’s just the latest viral internet nonsense! It’s also good news for Michael Lohan, we didn’t think anyone could look like a worse father than him, but this guy takes the cake! It’s all over little Jessi Slaughter’s YouTube haters.  As most YouTube videos do, her […]

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Michael Lohan Speaks Following Lindsay’s Sentence

Michael Lohan only had a few words for the media (surprisingly) following Lindsay’s court decision on Tuesday afternoon. Michael claims ” the system has failed my daughter.” The system has granted his daughter 90 days behind bars, and 90 days in rehab. Check out the video below.

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Justin Bieber Tears Up For Crowd

Give us a break, Chris Brown Justin Bieber! Beibs broke down to tears during a recent performance in Cincinnati, Ohio while singing his song, Down to Earth.   Did he borrown Chris Brown’s eyedrops? The sixteen year old mega star should have nothing to break down to tears over. Though maybe it’s because little girls all […]

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Official Video Release of Alejandro!

Lady Gaga’s video for Alejandro was released this morning, and as usual she brought the shock value! Gaga’s videos have totaled over 1 billion plays online already, so surely this one will be another smash hit. Wait for the backlash over some of the religious undertones. We love it!

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Barack Obama Debuts Standup Routine at White House Dinner

Barack Obama, who apparently doesn’t have much else to do besides tell jokes, told some jokes at the White House correspondents dinner this past weekend in Washington DC. People at the event had high regard for President Obama’s comedy routine, but was it REALLY that funny? Check it out for yourself below and be the […]

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New 90210 Promos!

Can’t wait to see what happens next week on 90210?  Well check out a couple promos for season 2, episode 18 below.

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The Situation for Vitamin Water

You have got to watch this new commercial for Vitamin water starring Jersey Shore’s The Situation, and David Wright of the New York Mets. Sitch and DW team up for a Rocky-esque training montage that is hilarious! Check it out below.

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Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox Slap On Smiles For Funny PSA

Briand Austin Green and Megan Fox have teamed up with FunnyOrDie for an Exclusive PSA regarding the budget cuts in California schools. The clip, written by a parent of a student at Lauren Canyon School, where Green’s son attends, takes aim at Governor Schwarzenegger and the goons in Sacramento for mega budget cuts that will […]

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Ever Hear of Uncle Ed?

It seems like once a week you stumble across your favorite new YouTube channel. This week, it’s the channel of 77-year-old “Uncle Ed” Muscare. Uncle Ed posts videos that may seem a bit strange to a first time viewer like I was, but he’s got quite a background story. Muscare was a former children’s show […]

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