Ever Hear of Uncle Ed?


It seems like once a week you stumble across your favorite new YouTube channel.

This week, it’s the channel of 77-year-old “Uncle Ed” Muscare.

Uncle Ed posts videos that may seem a bit strange to a first time viewer like I was, but he’s got quite a background story.

Muscare was a former children’s show host who was arrested in 1986 for molesting a 14-year old boy.  On YouTube, some have dubbed him “The singing sex offender.”

Since then, Uncle Ed has had trouble registering as a sex offender because his neighbors would harass him.  He finally found privacy in hiding out in his South Carolina home and not bothering anybody, when he started posting videos to YouTube.

The deputy Sheriff saw an interview he had done with an Orlando TV station, where he argued that sex offenders deserve a second chance and told his story of why he had not registered, and police showed up to his house to arrest him for having possession of a computer, violation of his five year probation.   Muscare pleaded with the judge that he had done no wrong, and that his videos were harmless, and that he was an entertainer, but the judge disagreed, sentencing Uncle Ed to 5 years behind bars.

You can help, by watching this video, a personal message from edarem, and sending a dollar to help get him a good lawyer for appeals!  Don’t you think Uncle Ed deserves a second chance?

Watch this video below, and you’ll change your mind!

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