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Eddie Murphy To Appear On SNL?

Could Eddie Murphy be making a triumphant return to Saturday Night Live? Maybe. Murphy has been recently selected to host the 2012 Oscars, and has a new movie, “Tower Heist,” with Ben Stiller, set to be released on November 4th, but could his first appearance on the show that helped launch his career nearly 30 […]

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Get Well Soon, Grizz

Sad news – Grizz Champan, the actor who plays “Grizz” on 30 Rock, needs a new kidney. How do you reference the “Milton Green needs a kidney” song that closed season 3 without sounding insensitive? Maybe it’s best not to mention it at all. Grizz is receiving dialysis treatment and is scheduled for an organ […]

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Hey, Nikki Finke, How Do You Really Feel?

I didn’t watch the Emmys, because who the hell cares? There is ONE award that means anything, which is of course the Oscar, and even that doesn’t really mean anything because Crash won Best Picture. (So did The Departed. Have you re-watched that movie recently? I’ve seen fewer plot holes in cemeteries.) But Nikki Finke […]

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Tina Fey’s Got Alec Baldwin’s Back – to the Camera

I almost wish I hadn’t read this story, because now I’m going to be looking for it in every scene, but Fox News has an item today about Alec Baldwin using a “back double” on 30 Rock that allows him to work only three days a week. Apparently, the show films everyone else in Alec’s […]

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Emmy Nominations Revealed: 30 Rock and Mad Men May Be the Only Shows on TV

The nominations for the 61st annual Emmy Awards were announced this morning at 5:35 am (why did I wake up that early?).   Doogie Howser, MD will host the awards show on September 20, on CBS. Neil Patrick Harris is also nominated for his role on How I Met Your Mother (how convenient…)     […]

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