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Yikes! Amy Winehouse’s Lookbook for New Clothing Line

Just in time for Halloween, the lookbook for the line Amy Winehouse designed for Fred Perry has been unleashed on the world. And although the clothes are admittedly decent takes on the basics Fred Perry is known for with Winehouse modeling them herself the line looks a little beat and a bit like the cover […]

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Amy Winehouse is Called Out in Harper’s Bazzar Cover Story

We hope Amy Winehouse’s new clothing collection includes lots of spill hiding patterns for clumsy drunks. In the new issue of Harper’s Bazaar, the magazine calls the singer out for being drunk during on both the photo shoot and clearly during the interview. Apparently after throwing back a glass of wine at the shoot, Winehouse […]

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Ever Wonder Why Snoop and Winehouse Never Collaborated?

There was a buzz about a year ago about a Snoop Dogg and Amy Winehouse collaboration that was in the works, but nothing ever came of it. It might have been discovered why… Because they got high!! According to The Sun, “Amy came to the studio buzzing with ideas and the pair got on really […]

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Amy Winehouse’s Home Broken Into.

Amy Winehouse has been on a well publicized extended vacation for the past month or so, and some thieves decided to take advantage of that by breaking into her London flat. Neighbors spotted the burglars and called the police, and it’s reported that cameras, recording equipment, guitars along with flat-screen televisions were taken from the […]

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Quote of the Day.

“We keep catching her crawling past bars, or hiding behind chairs. She grabs guests’ drinks and runs off, like a squirrel with a nut.” – Unnamed source from a swank St. Lucia resort tells The Sun regarding their mischevious guest Amy Winehouse, who has been banned from ordering drinks of her own by resort staff […]

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Wino Drops Norwegian Drug Appeal

New reports are claiming that Amy Winehouse has dropped her appeal in a 2007 Norwegian drug case and will instead just pay the fine. Amy and her husband Blake Fielder Civil were arrested for possession of marijuana in October of 2007 while in Norway, and the singer was originally appealing the fine, claiming that authorities […]

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Winehouse Drug Appeal Set for January 12.

Amy Winehouse will have to appear before a Norwegian judge on January 12 to state her case in an appeal of drug charges that were slapped on her and husband Blake Fielder-Civil in October 2007. The pair were caught with a small amount of marijuana and taken to the station on possession charges, but Amy […]

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Amy Winehouse “accidently” drugged.

Amy Winehouse was rushed to the hospital again earlier this week for an unidentified reason.  Now her father is speaking out about the reason for her latest trip to the emergency room.

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