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Stalker Detained Inside Madonna’s London Mansion

An alleged stalker was detained and arrested at the $10 million dollar mansion of Madonna in London, when her security detail approached the man around 6am and found him holding some of Madonna’s possessions. Grzegorz Matlok, 29, was wrestled to the ground by security who was responding to a break in call, luckily nobody was […]

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Paris Hilton’s Boyfriend Facing Four Years Behind Bars

Paris Hilton could be visiting her man behind bars if things don’t go his way on February 17th. Club boss Cy Waits is facing up to four years in prison if convicted of felony charges of possession at his arraignment hearing in Las Vegas next month. The charges stem from the arrest this past summer […]

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Paris Hilton’s New Purse Line Hopefully Includes Cocaine Hiding Compartments

Paris Hilton has been a busy little barbie shooting, shooting, shooting for the last couple weeks. First in Hawaii and now at her sister Nicky’s house¬† in her signature subtle style, with a giant pink Cadillac.¬† The campaign she shot in Hawaii is for her new line of purses, hopefully inspired by her arrest in […]

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Bench Warrant Issued for Lindsay’s Arrest

A bench warrant has been issued for the arrest of Lindsay Lohan! After failing her drug tests for not one but TWO substances, Lohan’s probation hass been revoked, and she’ll have to face Judge Eldin Fox on Friday morning. It’s very very likely that he will show NO mercy this time. Hope you are interested […]

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Judge Calls Snooki a “Lindsay Lohan Wannabe”

Not exactly legal speak, but hilarious none the less! Snooki was in a Seaside Heights court room this morning, over that little public drunkenness arrest last month while filming Jersey Shore season 3. It was a short hearing, where she plead her case, and was essentially given a slap on the wrist. Snooks received one […]

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Paris Hilton “Not Worried”

If the face in Paris Hilton’s sexy new mugshot doesn’t say it all, then a new report that she’s “not worried” with her recent cocaine arrest confirms what we thought. Paris hired a heavyweight Las Vegas lawyer to rep her in the case, and pulled the “purse wasn’t mine card” after the Friday night arrest, […]

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BREAKING NEWS!!! Bench Warrant Issued for Arrest Lindsay Lohan

Breaking News!!! Judge Marsha Revel has issued a bench warrant for the arrest of Lindsay Lohan, after an emergency meeting at a Beverly Hills court house this afternoon. Bail has been set at $200,000 and there are 5 violations according to the judge, TMZ is reporting. Sources are claiming that the SCRAM data shows evidence […]

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Lindsay Lohan’s Burglar Caught!

An arrested has been made in the burglary of Lindsay Lohan‘s house! The police also believed the suspect robbed Audrina Patridge months earlier. The suspect? NOT Lindsay herself, NOT her drug dealer wanting restitution! Police arrested Nicholas Prugo, an 18 year-old. Now the question is, did Prugo have enough time to make a hand-off in […]

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It’s Almost Starting to Get Sad: Cameron Douglas’s Girlfriend Arrested for Attempting to Bring Him Heroin

What a wonderful, loyal, not-particularly-bright girlfriend Cameron Douglas has. Her name is Kelly Sott, and she’s just been arrested for trying to bring her boyfriend a couple dime bags of heroin hidden in the handle of an electronic toothbrush at a Federal courthouse. Kelly. Come on. Did you think the cops wouldn’t look in there? […]

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