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Kardashian Sisters to Pen Book

You probably feel like you’ve seen every aspect of the Kardashian’s life between their hit reality show, and being fixtures in the daily press. But according to Kim, you havent! Her, along with sisters Kourtney and Khloe are on to the next endeavor for making money, writing a book! The book will be a look […]

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Osbourne Girls to Deliver Values Across America

Sharon and Kelly Osbourne are here to help! The mother/daughter combo is teaming up for a new reality series, called Osbourne Family Values, explains Mrs. O Says Sharon; “Kelly and I are doing a series called ‘Osbourne Family Values’, where we go across the States meeting mums and daughters who are having problems.” On top […]

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Hilary Duff to Pen Novels

She’s taking a page out of the Lauren Conrad book on how to make that money, and penning her own young adult novel! Only Hilary Duff will be one-upping Lauren Conrad, and actually making up a story, not just re-writing her life and changing the names. Duff’s first novel, “Elixir,” is set to be released […]

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Cover Art Revealed for Rihanna’s ‘Last Girl On Earth’

In case you didn’t know,  Rihanna has got a book coming out.   The Last Girl On Earth will hit the shelves on June 29th, and the cover art has just been released. Here’s a description for the book; The official visual chronicle of the year’s “it” girl as she embarks on her first solo tour. […]

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Tori Spelling Writing Another Book

Tori Spelling is becoming quite the little writer isn’t she! She’s got two books down, and has just announced a third one in the works.  (Somebody’s gotta pay the bills, right?) As expected, she’s came up with another witty title using her own name for this one as well! It all started with her flopped […]

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Sarah Sells!

There were questions as to how Sarah Palin’s memoirs , Going Rogue; An American Life , would fare in the sales department, and those questions have been answered. Sarah’s story is a success! The book moved around 300,000 copies in it’s first day on the shelves.  That places Sarah near the top of the list […]

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Cover art For ‘The Carrie Diaries’ Revealed

Sex and the City fans can rejoice!!   Candice Bushnell has released the cover art for the long anticipated sequel/prequel to her “Sex” book series titled The Carrie Diaries. The book will take a trip back to Carrie Bradshaw’s high school days when she used to write in her diary.  It will focus on her love […]

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Jodie Sweetin Tells All

Forget Screech!  This is the one you’ve all been waiting for!  Stephanie Tanner is putting out a memoir. Unsweetined will tell the tale of Jodie Sweetin’s childhood, which led her down the path to drugs and alcohol. Apparently, Jodie got drunk for the first time at co-star Candice Cameron’s 1994 wedding, when she was only […]

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Dan Brown’s Books Most Given Away to Charity Thrift Stores – You’re Welcome, Welfare Recipients

First, let me make it clear that I’m well aware not everyone who shops at Goodwill is on welfare. For example, me. I shop at thrift stores exclusively and I’m not on welfare. (I’m too embarrassed to apply.) As a frequent patron of second-hand shops for the penurious, I can whole-heartedly attest to the validity […]

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Carrie Prejean to Write Book – First She Needs to Learn How to Read One

Are we running out of DaVinci Code sequels to put into bookstores? Must the literary world come to this? Carrie Prejean is writing a book about her support of “opposite marriage.” Car will tell her side of the story of the pageant and I bet you a shiny nickel it will include a lot of […]

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