Tori Spelling Writing Another Book


Tori Spelling is becoming quite the little writer isn’t she!

She’s got two books down, and has just announced a third one in the works.  (Somebody’s gotta pay the bills, right?)

As expected, she’s came up with another witty title using her own name for this one as well!

It all started with her flopped television show, so noTORIous,  which prompted her to write sTORI telling. The success of that paired with the birth of her second child brought us Mommywood, and with this new book, Donna Martin will be taking us into unchartered terriTORI!


This will be a look into life in the public eye, her public feud with her mother, Candy, and struggles with her own weight.

She says of the book; “I love sharing my stories and experiences with people and connecting to them on both a humorous and emotional level. The response to my first two books has been so amazing that I wanted to write a third one for my fans.”

Are you looking forward to it?
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