Jodie Sweetin Tells All


Forget Screech!  This is the one you’ve all been waiting for!  Stephanie Tanner is putting out a memoir.

Unsweetined will tell the tale of Jodie Sweetin’s childhood, which led her down the path to drugs and alcohol.

Apparently, Jodie got drunk for the first time at co-star Candice Cameron’s 1994 wedding, when she was only 12 years old!  She passed out in a bathroom at the reception and the next day she realized “I was Jodie Sweetin and I was an alcoholic.”

Don’t think your gonna get all the deets on Uncle Jessie and Kimmy Gibbler though, this one is all about Jodie.  She talks about her trials with cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy and crystal meth.  She talks about her failed marriages, her trips to rehab, and her daughter Zoie.

The truth shall set you free Stephanie Tanner!

Who cares if the TV thing isn’t working out.  Full House checks will be coming in forever, and this book will get you some cash even if its bad!

Congrats! You’re still a star!

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