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Snoop Dogg Posts Election Pros v. Cons List For Romney v. Obama

Political pundit Snoop Dogg, or Snoop Lion depending what day of the week it is, has sent out a list of reasons “Why i’m not voting for Romney, Why i’m voting for Obama.” The list was credited to it’s originator “Dragonfly,” and features some pretty vulgar, and VERY INSIGHTFUL reasons that could shape this election. […]

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Hank Williams Jr. Takes Aim At President Obama At Iowa Concert

  It’s an election year, so lots of attacks on President Obama are coming from the right, (and some from the left) one specifically from Hank Williams Jr. The country singer is not new to bashing the President, but comments made on Friday night during a performance in front of 8,000 people at the Iowa […]

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Sarah Palin Taking A Time Out For Fried Butter

Sarah Palin has set a September deadline to announce whether or not she would run for President, but for the next month, her “One Nation” bus tour will be hitting the road to test some of America’s sweet treats. The tour will make it’s first stop today at the Iowa State Fair, and Palin has […]

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Donald Trump’s Presidential Announcement During ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Finale

Donald J. Trump is apparently dead serious in running for President in 2012! You’ve heard the rumors by now, that Trump will be running for presidency in 2012, and that he may even be leading in some polls as a potential nominee so far. The latest is that the Donald will be announcing something regarding […]

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