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Jordan Shocker! Reveals She Doesn’t Really Write Her “Books”

It had to come out eventually, but for now the publishing industry can release their breath. Katie Prince AKA international “author,” Jordan doesn’t really write her books.

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Does Katie Price Spray-Tan With Ink?

Or does she live in a terrarium? Boob-model (I’m not being crass, I think that’s her actual professional title) Katie Price, aka “Jordan” when she’s working and “the girl who swears she’s famous in England” to L.A.’s nightclub sentries was out and about in L.A. recently. Here’s a gallery of [pick your favorite name] looking […]

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Pete Andre Seeks the Kiddies

It’s shaping up to be a nasty divorce, but Peter Andre seems to be taking the first step in the right direction, going after the kids. Katie Price is currently keeping the children from their father as their divorce proceedings move forward, and even though a custody battle can not ensue until the papers are […]

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Happy Birthday Katie Price!

Not sure how happy it is going to be, with a nasty divorce plastered all over the media, but Katie Price turns 31 today! Good luck having a happy one, Katie!

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