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Lil’ Wayne Bites the Bullet Starting Today

And for you non-prison-slang muahfuckahs, a bullet is a year in jail. Political prisoner Lil’ Wayne begins his unjust year-long stint at Riker’s today. Weezy F. Baby, the Rapper Eater, aka the Best Rapper Alive, is going away on a bullshit weapons charge. He was found in illegal possession of a .40 caliber handgun after […]

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Jesus Christ, People, Calm Down: Lil’ Wayne Isn’t Voicing Jesus Christ

Weezy F. Baby isn’t voicing Jesus H. Christ in an Adult Swim cartoon being produced by T-Pain. But I can see why you’d be confused: Contrary to reports that rapper Lil Wayne will be lending his voice to the son of God, a spokesperson for Adult Swim says that the rapper’s character in a one-hour […]

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Take An Inspirational/Deflating Tour Through Lil’ Wayne’s Mansion

Did you ever see Master P’s episode of Cribs? Aside from the obviously tacky moments you’d expect, like pointing to giant framed oil paintings of himself, it had a part where he stopped in front of a small aquarium and said, “Dis right heah prob’ly da most elogwent fish tank in all Nah Orleans.” Yeah. […]

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If I Wanted to Hear Lil’ Wayne Without Profanity, I’d Listen to the Stuff He Recorded When He Was 12

Dammit, why does MTV have to be as censorious when profiling Lil’ Wayne on its website as they are on their television network?! It’s the internet; you don’t have to worry about the scumbags in the Parents Television Council running to the Nazis in the FCC. Here, I’ll prove it: fuck. Jesus is imaginary. See? […]

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Eminem and Lil’ Wayne Just Dropped a Reasonably Dope Collabo

Weezy and Slim Shady dropped “Drop the World” this morning. Go ahead and click. It’s a free download of a pretty good song. Eminem was the best rapper in the world for a brief period between his first and second albums. It was then that he recorded a string of guest appearances that rank among […]

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Lil’ Wayne Gleefully Recounts Getting Raped at 11

The title of this post is not a tease for the local news. In the following video, Weezy ribs (no homo) a young signee of his record label for being a virgin at 15. Damn, son, don’t you know Lil’ Wayne had his first daughter by then? He been fuckin’ since 11. Watch the helpfully […]

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Lil Wayne Is Going To The Big House

Rapper Lil Wayne changed his plea this morning, pleading guilty to the lesser charge of attempted weapon possession. Unfortunately, it looks like Mr. Wayne will be heading to the big house for approximately a year. Not such a bad sentence; Hey, at least he’ll be able to finish that University of Phoenix degree! Onlookers said […]

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Lil Wayne Keeps Getting People Pregnant

“Better wear that latex, cos you don’t want that I-think-I’m-late text” – Lil Wayne Lil Wayne needs to have this tattooed on his body, because he’s gone and knocked up yet another lady. This is the fourth woman to have a baby by the rapper. I know 50 Cent’s got that song, “have a baby […]

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Lil’ Wayne Might as Well Feed Money In To a Paper Shredder at This Point

Economy, schmeckonmy – I’m ballin’ through the recession – Lil’ Wayne That quote inspires me. Although if I were ballin’ on Lil’ Wayne’s level, I’d probably spend the cash on a nice CD player and a legal copy of Lil’ Wayne’s last album, then stick the rest in safe investments. Weezy got a watch that […]

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Lil Wayne Releases Kobe Themed Track

Just in time for this years NBA finals where the LA Lakers are taking on spanking the Orlando Magic, Lil Wayne has released a track about his favorite player, Kobe Bryant. Don’t worry LeBron, get em’ next year.

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