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Here We Go: The Situation Rap

Cover your ears! The Situation , Mike, from MTV’s Jersey Shore, is putting out a rap song. Mike tweeted about the song yesterday, claiming it’s to be available on iTunes, and then a preview popped up on the net. If you haven’t heard it yet, you haven’t missed anything.   Just typical club noise with The […]

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Andy Milonakis Doesn’t Have ‘Bieber Fever’

Whether you love Justin Bieber or hate him, you’ll have to find this new Bieber diss freestyle by Andy Milonakis hilarious! C’mon, you know you were thinkin’ it anyways…

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Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston Team Up For ‘Eenie Meenie’

Justin Bieber must be on a mission to team up with rap stars of all shapes and sizes in his career. He already had a hit song with Ludacris, and now he’s teaming up with Sean Kingston. Their song is titled ‘eenie meenie’ and the first look at the video has just been posted online. […]

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Fabolous’s New Mixtape Dropped Today

Shout out to the groupies, shout out to my ex / Probably sayin’ “Fuck me” so shout out to the sex / Don’t get mad at me ’cause I’m on to the next / All of this because I ain’t respond to ya text?! / Big up to you bum bitches in your ten dollar […]

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Where J-Kwon At?!

The guy who did “Tipsy” is missing! No, not the guy who composed the music for the electronica/lounge hybrid act. That’s Tipsy. “Tipsy” is a song. That’s why I used quotes. I didn’t mean it ironically. St. Louis rapper J-Kwon has been missing for more than a month, according to record label Gracie Productions. The […]

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Rapper-Hating Pig Files: Juvenile Arrested

“Sir, you look intoxicated, won’t you back that ass up? Your narc-ass neighbors called us, won’t you back that ass up? Now put your hands behind your back and back that ass up. You have the right to remain silent and shut that ass up.” How many times do I have to type “legalize all […]

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Rapper Waka Flocka Flame Speaks On Catching a Lead Bumblebee Sting

The Sopranos is the best show of all time, but occasionally something so stupid would happen it would defy credibility, particularly when juxtaposed against what was normally the best writing on television. The three stupidest Sopranos moments: when those two goofballs in season two thought Richie Aprile would appreciate it if they tried to kill […]

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Foxy Brown Gives Superhead!

Jailbird rapper Foxy Brown AKA Inga Fung Marchand, has a new video release… and it’s not what you think. Foxy showcases her oral skills in a new romantic video cryptically titled ‘Superhead.’ Here we get to see exactly what Foxy does with her mouth when it’s not rapping, spitting at hotel workers, or eating jail […]

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Guess What C-Murder Just Got Convicted Of

You know that cartoon The Boondocks? Along with Non-Sequitur, it’s the only funny comic strip not drawn by Johnny Ryan. Anyway, when rapper C-Murder first got arrested for murder six years ago, they had a really funny strip where the younger brother screams out, “Hey, C-Murder just got arrested! And you’ll never guess what for!” […]

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