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Pailin Porn Gets a Sequel

So  Sarah Palin didn’t win the bid for the Vice Presidency in her first parody porno “Who’s Nailin Paylin” so Hustler Entertainment is giving her the sequel treatment. In Hollywood is Nailin’ Paylin, Lisa Ann will reprise her role as the former VP candidate, but will be heading to Hollywood to try her role in […]

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Bristol Palin and Levi Johnson Correct Breakup Rumors.

The rumors of the breakup are true, but the reported horror stories that Bristol Palin won’t let Levi Johnston be alone or around their 3 month old son, Tripp, and that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin supports her daughters behavior are entirely false. Through her mother Sarah’s PAC, Bristol released the following statement; “Unfortunately, my family […]

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Palin Drama-Rama/ Grandma-rama.

Always looking for a reason to put up another Sarah Palin picture! Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol is due to have her baby today, but drama is surely to follow as  her soon-to-be mother in law, was arrested this weekend on drug charges. Sherry Johnson was arrested on Thursday after police obtained a search warrent and […]

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The Palin Porno?

You wish! You’ll just have to settle for the Vice Presidential debate in St. Louis tomorrow night where Sarah Palin will take on Senator Joe Biden. But if you do happen to live in or near California’s San Fernando Valley, and have heard you resemble Governor Palin, an ad on Craigslist might be the perfect […]

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Dems Behind Palin E-mail Hack?

Theres a new twist to the story of Sarah Palin’s email getting hacked into by an Internet wizard. The VP candidate’s yahoo account was hacked into last week when someone guessed the right answers to her security questions and got her password. That someone is alledgedly the son of the Democratic state rep from Memphis, […]

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Funny Juno Palin Video.

StarzLife was one of the first sites to spark the Bristol Palin/ Juno/ Jeneau/ comparison when news of her pregnancy hit the web and now it’s one of the webs hottest parodies. Check out this video parody of one of the musical numbers from Juno featuring Bristol Palin and her boyfriend Levi. The video can […]

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Sarah Palin hates women!

  Remember  ‘Dear Mr. President,’ one of my  favorite Pink songs of all time where the rocker asked Bush about a few different issues such as homelessness, his drug use, war, and fighting his father’s battles? “How do you sleep when the rest of us cry?”, “You’ve come a long way from whiskey and Cocaine!”  I love Pink!!!!!!  Now […]

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What the Hell is John McCain thinking?

Sweet Baby Jesus!  What the “h e double hockey sticks” is John McCain thinking choosing Alaskan governor Sarah Palin as his running mate?  WTF?  The announcement was made at a rally of 15,000!  That’s 6000 more then Palin is used to governing!!!  Ohhh now I get it!  He almost got me!!!!!!  That John McCain is […]

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