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Kel Mitchell Declares Bankruptcy

The good news about Kel Mitchell having to file for Bankruptcy, is that it puts to bed for good those silly rumors that he died a while ago! The Good Burger star has listed $3,820 in assets and more than $1.7 million in liabilities according to papers filed to Bankruptcy court that were obtained by […]

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Shannen Doherty in Deep With Uncle Sam

9021-Uh-Oh!  Probably not the news Shannen Doherty was looking forward to right after she was booted from competition on Dancing With the Stars. Shannen was voted off the dancing show on Tuesday night’s results episode, and ended her week with a nice little letter from the state of California telling her that she owes $44,064.58 […]

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Sinbad in Troubs with the IRS

Another celebs in trouble with the tax man. Sinbad Adkins, the comic turned actor who once starred in many-a-greats including First Kid with Zachary Ty Bryan, owes Uncle Sam 8.15 million in back taxes! Sinbad has been officially declared Bankrupt, and will be forced to sell his California home and pay off his debts. What […]

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From House Arrest to Big House: Richard Hatch Back in the Slammer

PAY. YOUR. TAXES! Also, shut up about it if you don’t. I’m getting sick of this. Just yesterday, you read Survivor‘s original winner/biggest loser Richard Hatch’s assertion that his homosexuality played as big a role in his going to jail for tax evasion as did his actual tax evasion. Well, it looks like the Rhode Island fuzz […]

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Foxy Brown is in Trouble with the Taxman!

Foxy Brown does two things well- rap and get arrested. Between these two things she does not have time to pay her taxes. The IRS is suing Foxy for $641,558 in back taxes that she failed to pay between 2003 and 2006. The IRS better watch out- in 2004 Foxy assaulted two manicurists over a […]

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