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8 Wax Gagas Unveiled Worldwide

She’s multiplying. If we haven’t had enough Gaga incarnations in 2010 there are eight new ways to experience her. Famous wax museum Madame Tussauds unveiled eight Gaga wax figures all in different Gaga get-ups spread around the world from Vegas to Hong Kong. You can watch the making of these creepy dolls here.

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Double Rihanna!

Check out this photo Rihanna made her profile pic on Twitter, cozying up to her wax statue at Madame Tussaud’s in Washington DC. It looks mega real, though they’ll never be able to keep up with her hair! Rihanna just spent two weeks in Hawaii filming Battleship, with our fave, Jesse Plemons.  We can’t wait […]

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Waxing Kim Kardashian

The cat is out of the bag. Even know she was easy to read, Kim Kardashian confirmed the theory of her little “#karwax” tweets, by revealing that she’s being made into the second best thing, a Kim Kardashian wax statue. Madame Tussaud’s in NYC is creating the replica Kim, which she posted a sneak peek […]

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Kim K to Get #Waxed?

Kim Kardashian posted this suspicious photo to her official blog and Twitter page yesterday with the caption: “Hmm… why would I be getting measured… Curiosity? Dress fitting? Can you guess? #Karwax” Well the popular theory is that Kim’s famous rear is being measured by Madame Tussaud to be their latest wax figure. Karwax… as in […]

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Tweet of the Day

Don’t be afraid to use your imagination with this one children!

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