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Yogi and Tron Battle At the Box Office

It’s going to be a wild weekend at the theaters!!! Christmas week is usually when a ton of great films come out, and this year is no different.  Hitting theaters today we have ‘Tron Legacy,’ ‘Yogi Bear,’ ‘Casino Jack,’ and ‘How Do You Know,’ starring Reese Witherspoon.  Not only that but Narnia is in it’s […]

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Yogi Bear Alternate Ending Parody Hits the Net… For Now

You MUST check out this  parody video that may only be on the net for a short time. Some creative geniuses have created an alternate ending to the new Yogi Bear movie that comes out this weekend, an ending you’d never see comin’! They took footage from trailers and promotional photos to compile this original […]

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Yogi Bear Poster, Sexual or Not?

Whoever started this sexual controversy over the new Yogi Bear poster needs a swift kick in the ass! Get your mind out of the gutters. However, with that being said… “Great Things Come in Bears”  just don’t make no damn sense!

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Official First Trailer for Yogi Bear

Yahoo.com posted the first look at a new take on a classic, Yogi Bear in 3D! The movie stars Anna Farris, with Dan Akroyd as Yogi Bear and Justin Timberlake as Boo-Boo. The story actually sounds pretty great too. Jellystone Park has been losing business, so greedy Mayor Brown decides to shut it down and […]

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Justin Timberlake Smarter Than the Average Bear?

Because remake is the new original, it’s being reported that Justin Timberlake’s next big screen venture will be an adaptation of the classic cartoon, Yogi Bear. The film will be a CGI/Live Action and in addition to Timberlake will star Anna Farris and Dan Akroyd. Wonder which one, Justin or Dan, will play the ranger!?

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